Tailor made your own polo shirt

Polo shirt is divided into short sleeves and long sleeved style of the small editor today is to say that the long sleeved POLO shirt is customized, so no matter the four seasons of the year can wear polo shirts. Summer can wear short sleeved and design special Aomani polo shirt; can wear long sleeved polo shirt customized if still feel cold can choose to wear a coat in winter. Of course, the collocation of long sleeved polo shirts has made more contributions to the dress industry. Oh, maybe many people have seen polo shirts. But do you have a specific concept for polo shirts?

Every dress has its own unique meaning and value. It is also different for different costumes to bring people’s costumes to life. Then the Polo polo shirt sweater is what mean? Short sleeved polo shirt is a tennis shirt originally to get the transformation of clothing, because tennis is a strenuous exercise, so for the tennis shirt, but also to action and can adapt to changes in the clothing and bear movement. For short sleeved polo shirts, the elasticity, air permeability, moisture absorption and so on need to be taken into consideration.

What do long sleeved polo shirts mean? We tell you the charm of long sleeved polo shirts from the dress. For women, long sleeved polo shirt style is also very early before the emergence of the single because they feel in the summer wear long sleeved POLO shirt will be very hot so slowly appeared a short sleeved POLO shirt, dress for the rapid development of short sleeved polo shirt produce female polo dress, Polo style and break the normal procedure. White pleated skirt, so that the original dynamic Polo becomes sweet, perfect design. If it is a long sleeved polo shirt, as long as a simple pair of sports pants will be very perfect.

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