Polo shirts have become more and more popular

Next is the work to take POLO shirts to make, more formal. In the process of making POLO suits, it was found that the business nature of POLO shirts is stronger than that of T-shirts. People prefer POLO shirts to T-shirts on business occasions.

The last point is that the Shenzhen work clothes polo shirt is custom-made, most of them think from the purchase that the style of POLO shirt is much more than T-shirt, T-shirt is too monotonous, to a large extent, POLO shirt is more beautiful than T-shirt.

The work clothes POLO clothing is made by Omani. The fabrics used are all imported from the environmental protection fabrics. For different industries, such as antistatic, corrosion and flame retardancy, we design different clothing suits for special industries. The fabric does not add any chemical dyes and other carcinogenic substances, the use of imported active dyes, natural soft, ensure contact with the skin without irritation, no bleaching, no smell, give you a comfortable new experience.

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