How should you spot good and bad polo shirts?

Cheap POLO shirts and high-end POLO shirts can be seen many times when they don’t need to be touched. The difference here is in the color of the polo shirt. Yes! You can see the quality of the POLO shirt from the color and color. The color of a cheap POLO shirt often occurs in two cases. One is the color is too bright, a color is dim and dark.

In the past, cheap polo shirts often have a dull and glossy color, and there will be a sense of magazine. And there is also a sense of cheapness, that is, the color is too bright, the color is not thicknesses and jumps, so it is easy to cause visual fatigue, and the thin and loose fabric and plate type give people the feeling of being full of cheapness. This is the case for many cheap polo shirts.

As the clothing POLO shirt, both styles version of the type POLO shirt itself or the color should be calm atmosphere, clean and pure texture will look generous.

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