What kinds of fabric can be used to make polo shirts?

Made by spinning high yarn, mercerized cotton fabric with cotton as raw material, the raw materials are made of high-quality POLO shirt fabric, not only completely preserved natural characteristics of raw cotton excellent, but also has the sheen of silk general, fabric moisture permeability, elasticity and vertical sense of good; and the rich color, dress up and comfort free, fully reflects the temperament and taste of the clothing. Mercerized cotton and double mercerized cotton fabric are more delicate and different from the general clothing in work and embroidery.

This is a more commonly used POLO shirt fabric, which has a high cost performance. Though not like other high-grade POLO fabrics, after special processing, pure cotton still maintains the natural characteristics of pure cotton, good skin affinity, good air permeability and good moisture absorption. If the budget is not much, and it is comfortable to wear, this one is a good choice. Of course, some through special treatment, hair removal softening cotton, also belongs to high-grade fabrics.

There are two classifications of blending and interweaving. The advantage is good anti wrinkle, not easy to deform; the disadvantage is easy to hair, plus two dyeing, fabric feel hard. The feeling is soft and thick, and the washing is not easy to deform, but the comfort of the clothes is a little worse than the pure cotton.

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