How to keep your polo shirts well-looked???

When wearing POLO shirts outdoors, as far as possible to reduce the friction of POLO shirts, long friction will lead to POLO jersey ball, affecting the beauty of the POLO shirt.

POLO shirt dirty of all know, so POLO clothes in the washing time is very much, but when washing POLO shirt to hand wash with warm water to wash hands, after the finish, don’t try to wring, can be dried in natural ventilation, drying, which can increase the service life of POLO.

When POLO shirts do not wear, do not directly stack in the wardrobe, because it is very easy to lead to the POLO shirt covered with clothes and the city lost the sense of jerk and jerk. And it is easy to make the folded parts wear, which affects the creases and beauty of the POLO shirt. We should hang the POLO shirt directly with the clothes hanger, and remember to fold the POLO shirt at first, and it will not cause the POLO shirt to deform.

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